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How to Make Your Pool More Green
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How to Make Your Pool More Green (Enviro-Friendly)

There has been a big shift in recent years towards more environmentally friendly solutions for the home. This ranges from recycling and composting, through to using natural cleaning products, and installing greywater systems. Many households that have been slowly switching over to greener home initiatives have been wondering how exactly they can make their swimming pool more eco-friendly. If you are concerned about the amount of chemicals you are putting into your pool, then you are not alone.

There are some ways that you can help to make your swimming pool more green which is great for the increasingly environmentally conscious. Have a look through our list of ways to make your swimming pool better off for the environment.


Switch from chlorinated to a salt water pool

One of the most effective ways to go greener with your swimming pool is to switch over from a chlorinated system to a salt water system. Salt water pools have been around for many years and provide a more environmentally conscious alternative to a chlorinated pool. Saltwater pools work by converting salt into chlorine; however, you aren’t simply tipping chemicals into your pool the whole time. Salt water pool systems have decreased in cost over the years, so you might find that they are a surprisingly affordable option. Whether you are building a new pool or looking to update your current pool, think about installing a saltwater system.


Reduce the water you use by covering your pool

While we often use pool covers over the winter months when they are not in use, you should also be thinking about using a cover on your pool whenever you aren’t using it. The heat can cause rapid water evaporation which leads to you having to refill your pool more often. Considering how much water is needed to top up a pool, this is leading to overuse of water resources. Take the time out after you’ve finished your swim to put the cover back on your pool to reduce the amount of water that evaporates into the summer air.

How to Make Your Pool More Green Enviro Friendly

Natural swimming pools?

Although they aren’t very popular – yet – natural swimming pools are gaining exposure as a viable alternative to both chlorinated and salt water pools. Natural swimming pools combine elements like mud floors and in-water plants to provide a natural way to have your own swimming pool – and are very eco-friendly. These type of swimming pools require a specialist company to do the job for you and are quite a pricey option at this point – however it could be a very strong trend for the future.


Solar heat your pool

If you heat your pool with electricity, then this is a very non-green energy source. For heated pools, you will want to use solar heating so that you aren’t burning fossil fuels. You can convert current systems to solar with the right pool supply company. While it may not be quite as effective as an electrically heated pool, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

There are many Australian pool providers who can help with converting your pool into a more green element of your house. These are just some of the ways in which you can help your pool be more environmentally friendly –but they can help you out with more. Either give a swimming pool provider a call or even stop by your local swimming pool supplies store to learn more about the different systems and products that can help to make your pool more green.


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