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Why We Love European Oak
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Why We Love European Oak

Oak products are highly sort after, especially when it comes to flooring. To the untrained eye, all oaks look the same, even though this is not the case. Some people commonly mistake between the European oak and the American oak, due to their similar appearance which could easily deceive.

Although European oak floor is used to make a variety of things in the house, its most prevalent use is in construction. It is used in making stairs, window sills, curtain boxes, doors, panelling and most of all, for flooring.


Why We Love European Oak Flooring


As the name suggests, it is native to Europe. It is a temperate wood that grows quite tall and therefore yields longer planks. These are highly sort after, for their incredible range of uses. It is a white oak, and is known far and wide for its durability and longevity. To show you just how good of wood this is, here are a few reasons why we love European Oak:


One of the reasons why we love this wood is its striking beauty. Unlike its American relative, this oak has warmer colours and tone. It is easily identifiable to the trained eye, due to its golden honey hues, and the appearance of annual wood rings. It also has a high definition of the grain, which makes it stand out. This oak has a more even tone between boards, something other oaks, such as the American Oak for instance, lack. Some of these show a higher contrast between shades, with the difference between lighter and darker hues becoming more prominent in the grain pattern.


The European Oak produces a highly versatile wood. One the reasons it is such an all-round wood is down to the grain pattern. This oak has a wavier pattern that is a lot more defined. This open grain pattern makes it more accepting of sanding and brushing, vastly increasing its texture. It also absorbs stain, lacquer and oil more readily and in an evenly distributed manner. This quality comes from the high tannin content and the diminished presence of sapwood, both of which are essential for the absorption of stains. It is one of the main reasons why we prefer this wood for our flooring projects. Other than that, it can present in a variety of appearances which gives you a wider range to choose from.

It is strong

Since this is a slow growing tree, the wood is more packed onto itself. This gives the European Oak its legendary strength, since the cellular structure is denser as compared to some of the other hardwood and softwood timbers. As such, when used in flooring, this oak endures and can withstand great weight without creaking. When well cured and dried, it does not shrink and maintains its shape for years. It does not present evidence of cracking that occurs in other woods especially furniture is placed on them.

Very little maintenance

Another reason why this type of wood is a favourite is that it is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. All you are required to do to keep the flooring looking fresh is a good sweep. Occasionally, you might be required to give it a quick mop, which should not be detrimental to the wood if it is properly cured ad varnished. This will keep the floor in great condition for years. Once in a very long while, you will be expected to sand and varnish the floor, which will have it looking as good as new. This process takes care of any dents and scratches that might have accrued over years of regular use.

Value for money

It is incredible value for money. First and foremost, having floors made from European Oak automatically raises your property value immensely. This is why most people consider it as an investment, rather than a cost. The fact that it requires very little maintenance is also an appealing quality in terms of the overall cost as compared to other options that will require re-carpeting every few years.

This wood is also naturally warm, which makes it very comfortable and pleasant to walk on even barefoot. This is because it is a great natural insulator, a quality which comes from having thousands of tiny air pockets per square inch. These tiny pockets are what holds the heat, keeping the floor warm to the touch.


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