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The Lopi Probuilder Series in Focus

When it comes to home heating, Lopi has for a long time been one of the most trusted brands not only in Australia, but the world over. They are renowned for heating products that are suitable for different types of homes and covering a wide range of spaces from big houses to smaller, cosier living areas. This means that regardless of the type of space you are working with, you can get a Lopi heater, even if the space you are working with is simply your bedroom.

Lopi heaters are known for their durability and ease of maintenance, qualities that most people look for in a fireplace. They are also incredibly easy to use, and highly environmentally friendly. This is because of their dedication to efficient fuel burning technology that ensures that they squeeze out as much heat from as little fuel as possible. It is this type of fuel economy that saves you a bundle on gas or wood, depending on the type of heater you are working with.

What is the Lopi Probuilder Series?

One of the most popular series of fireplaces by Lopi is the ProBuilder series. This is a line of entry level linear gas heaters that consists of three models, the 42, the 54, and the 72. They come equipped with the latest in fireplace technology, some of which you can only find on a range of high end models with other manufacturers. Even though this is a range of entry level fireplaces, the renowned Lopi quality is not compromised in the design or the functionality.  To understand how good these heaters are, let us take a look at each of them individually.

The ProBuilder 42

This is the baby of the ProBuilder series, but it packs quite a punch. It is perfect for anyone looking to heat a smaller home or one room in a larger space. In fact, most people prefer to install the ProBuilder in their bedroom, since it is capable of heating up to 100 square meters of space. Even with the diminutive size, it still manages an elegant design that points to a person that understands taste and has excellent class. It comes with twin blowers that power the natural draft venting system. There is the option of getting the proprietary GreenSmart technology is included, although with the 42, you get the basic version. The output is an impressive 4.62 Kw with an Mj range of a 26mj at high and 14 Mj low. This heater is capable of using both natural gas and LPG. You are guaranteed comfortable radiant heat with great natural convection for years to come.

The viewing area is substantial for its size and you are afforded an incredible view of tall dancing flames. You also get a range of glass options, with black glass, cobalt, platinum, and bronze glasses among the choices.  Should you feel like you need a different mantel, you have the option of picking between a concrete mantel with a hewn timber effect, and a polished concrete one as well.

The Probuilder 54

This is the middle child of the family, measuring almost 1400 millimetres in width. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to heat midsized spaces or one of the larger living rooms in a big house. This is because it is capable of heating up to 150 meters of space with an output of 5.98 Kw. The Mj range is at 34.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG in the higher side, although the lower end of the spectrum changes, being at 19.2 Mj on natural gas and 18 Mj on LPG. You still get the comfortable radiant heating as with the smaller heater, and natural draft sending warm air throughout your home thanks to exceptionally quiet twin blowers.

As with all the heaters in the ProBuilder series, the heavy-duty construction is evident in the 54. You can tell that a lot of thought and patience went into the craftsmanship to ensure that this heater remains dependable for years to come. You also get the GreenSmart Basic remote control as an option.

The ProBuilder 72

This is the largest of the series, coming in at an impressive 1.8 meters in width. It is capable of heating up to 200 square metres of space, making it an excellent choice for large spaces. Although it is large, none of the fuel economy is lost; you get a large viewing area with a beautiful view of tall dancing flames without compromising on how much gas you use. The build quality and the exquisite craftsmanship ensure that this is a view you will enjoy for years to come. The output is an impressive 6.56 Kw with an Mj high of 43.8 Mj on both natural gas and LPG. The lows however change, with natural gas giving you 33.1 Mj and LPG coming in at 22.3 Mj. Optional changes include the mantel, different types of glass, and rock embers. You can also get the proprietary GreenSmart basic remote control as well.

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