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Having a fireplace in the bedroom is a trend that is quickly catching on in Sydney. It not only comes in handy when the temperatures drop during winter, it is great for setting the mood during a romantic evening with your partner. When shopping for fireplaces, consider the size of your bedroom and what sort of hearth would work in it. It does not make sense to have a huge fireplace that leaves your bedroom too hot to sleep in, even at the lowest setting.

A bedroom fireplace requires specific characteristics that may be less crucial in the rest of house. Other than size, you also have to look at efficiency and output. Make sure the air quality in your bedroom remains clean if you are using wood, and that the output is designed for a single room. Among the heaters available in the market, Lopi has quite a range of options that work in your master bedroom. Here are the some of the most popular ones.


Lopi 564 GS2 Clean Face Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

This heater is specifically designed for smaller rooms and enclosed spaces, making it ideal for the bedroom. The lowered heat output, together with the large viewing panel position this as a favourite for people who like a cosy bedside fire all year round. The beauty and detail in the log set and the warm glowing fire work to accentuate the romance of the room. The 564 GS2 comes with a standard fan and a remote control to let you choose the amount of heat you want. You also get accent lights that go with the mood. It’s capable of heating up to 90 square metres of space.


Lopi Republic 1250 Freestanding Wood Fireplace

This stove lets you bring the rustic beauty of an authentic wood fire to the comforts of your master bedroom. The republic 1250 is designed to look good, heat evenly, and fit within the budgets of most people. Made in the USA, this heater comprises heavy duty steel and comes with a full-lined ceramic brick firebox. The large radiant heat transfer surfaces are capable of spreading warmth for up to 160 square metres, depending on the amount of wood being burned. It has an 8 hour burn time, with 72% efficiency.


Lopi Fireplaces

Lopi Radiant Plus Small Gas Fireplace Insert

With this fireplace, Lopi played around with the design to allow it to fit perfectly into your existing old-world hearth, and convert it into a contemporary heater. It is small and versatile enough to fit into chimneys while still maintaining its functionality, heating up to 80 square metres. The Radiant Plus small comes with a variable fan to control heat dispersal.

It also has electronic ignition, with an optional pilot mode, which makes starting it up very easy. The direct vent sealed flue system makes this heater ideal for bedroom installation, and the dancing fyre log burner gives it a very realistic feel.  Other optional extras include different face finishes and a remote control. It is important to note that the Radiant Plus Small is designed to only fit in brick chimneys.


Lopi DVS GS2 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

This is a small direct vent insert that is designed to convert your inefficient fireplace into a modern source of gas heat that you can rely on. It comes with a combination of three types of heat namely convective, radiant, and reduced depth dimension. This is what makes this fireplace insert perfect for both small and medium-sized masonry fireplaces. It is capable of heating up to 140 square metres and comes with a remote control which allows you to work with various settings. The Ember-Fyre burner gives out an authentic looking log fire that will definitely be at home in your master bedroom, easily contributing to the ambience. This insert can be personalised for any room’s décor, with 9 face and door options to choose from.


Lopi Fireplaces


Lopi ProBuilder 42 Linear Gas Fireplace

This is the smallest fireplace in the Probuilder line up but is still capable of heating up to 100 square metres of space. It is considered an entry level fireplace, but still comes with all the bells and whistles that are associated with Lopi products. This includes GreenSmart 2 technology, a tempered glass window, and quiet 90CFM fans. Other exceptional features include easy access gas controls and the ability to work even during a power outage. The heavy gauge steel construction makes this a very durable hearth.

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