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Looking After Your Car Can Save You Money In The Long Run

Most people do not understand the benefits of taking good care of their car. For some, as long as the engine runs, they are comfortable with letting the car be. They never take their car for check-ups or servicing, and continue to ignore any warning lights that go up in the dash. They keep doing this until the car suddenly dies on them, in most cases at the most inopportune of moments. Carrying out repairs on such a car ends up being very costly

It is therefore in your best interests to take proper care of your car, by making sure it is serviced. Here are some of the reasons why taking good care of your car is a good idea:

Increases your safety


One of the main reasons why you should regularly maintain your car is to ensure safe driving. You will be able to notice problems before they become debilitating and potentially deadly. Problems with your car’s breaking system or suspension are hazardous and could mean doom on the road.

You should keep in mind that just because your car is still running, does not mean everything is working the way it should. Such vital parts as brake pads, suspension joints, and bushes are usually hidden within the bowels of the car. As such, it is hard to notice the wear and tear since it is gradual. You end up being lulled into a false sense of security, thinking all is ok until one or more parts suddenly give up and you end up in a crash. Making sure your car is regularly checked could avoid such an eventuality. This includes checking tyre pressure, air and cabin filters and oil levels among others.

Lowers the cost of running

Most experienced motorists understand the value of running regular maintenance on your car. When a problem is diagnosed and sorted out in time, it saves money. First, it stops the program from aggravating and spreading out to other parts of the car. For instance, running a car without coolant could damage your engine irreparably, necessitating the replacement of the whole unit. This is a very costly affair overall.

Another way where regular maintenance saves you money is through fuel consumption. When a car is running smoothly, it consumes fuel more efficiently, and you are able to get more miles to the gallon. Putting in new oil and air filters increase fuel consumption efficiency, while running on properly inflated tyres will reduce something called rolling resistance. All these lead to improved fuel consumption.

Maintains the value

At some point, you may want to sell your car. It could be due to a number of reasons, including upgrading to a newer model. The second hand car market is notoriously competitive. Most prospective buyers always lead with the question, “What condition is it in?”.  For these people, it is not enough to say “everything works fine”

When your car has a full service record, it becomes easier to offload. You can produce this as evidence that your car has been properly cared for. Another way you can maintain the value of your car is by taking it for detailing. A proper cleaning, stain and odour removal and polishing once in a while could go a long way in changing the perception of your prospective buyer towards your car. Proper detailing when coupled with a smooth running vehicle also let you better appreciate your car.

Regular care will also improve the longevity of your car. Just like the better you treat your body, the less likelihood of you taking ill, well maintained cars run smoother for longer.

For insurance purposes

Insurance premiums are sometimes reviewed upwards in the event that your car fails an inspection. A well maintained car is likely to maintain the normal premiums. It is also less likely to cause you to rely on auto assurance, especially for instances like breaking down in the middle of nowhere, where a tow truck or flatbed is required. Such and exemplary insurance record goes a long way in when dealing with the same provider, even for other vehicles in your family or in case you change cars.

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