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Limestone Pavers
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Limestone Pavers, size and texture options

Limestone is a naturally formed stone that is composed mostly of calcite. It takes many years of pressure from under the surface of the earth to produce this remarkable stone. There is no other stone available that has the same features of limestone which is why it is such a popular stone for landscaping and construction projects.

Limestone pavers are great for using around pools, in outdoor rooms, along pathways and driveways, it can also be used inside for offices and bathrooms. Limestone tiles are the perfect choice for use in wet areas as they are non-slip and dry quickly.

As limestone is a naturally occurring stone it is available in a range of colours, with colours suitable for kitchens, laundry’s, bathrooms and dining rooms. Because limestone pavers come in neutral shades, they will complement existing furniture and furnishings.

If you are installing limestone pavers for a driveway or pathway rather than concrete, you automatically improve your *curb appeal*. Limestone pavers add value to your home.

Limestone pavers are more environmentally friendly than concrete options as natural stone is one of the most sustainable building materials on earth. As a naturally occurring product limestone is recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving.

Limestone pavers are generally non-slip and are perfect for use on patios and around pools and they are frost resistant, which means they won’t be damaged by frosts the same way as some manufactured concrete products.

Limestone is versatile and can be used in high traffic areas including hallways, pathways and driveways.

Colour, size and texture options

  • Lunar Limestone Paver, comes in a dark beige colour with a tumbled or sandblasted finish. This is a dense and strong paver in a medium to dark shade that offers timeless beauty, where ever they are used. SIZES: Paver, 610 x 406 x 30 mm, Paver, French Pattern, Coping, 610 x 406 x 30 mm (bevelled edge), Coping, 600 x 400 x 50/30 mm (rebated).
  • Anamur Classic Limestone Pavers comes in a grey with earthy tones colour, available in a range of finishes, it also comes as tiles, cobblestone and slabs. Sizes: Paver, 610 x 406 x 30 mm, Coping, 610 x 406 x 30, also Drop face 610 x 406 x 30/60 mm, Step treads, Bullnose 1200 x 406 x 30mm.
  • Silver Royale Limestone Paver is available in a light grey colour in a sandblasted and brushed finish, smooth to walk on in bare feet the colour can be kept light by using a penetrating sealer or darkened by using stone enhancer. Sizes: Paver, 610 x 406 x 30 mm (12 mm tiles available), Coping, 1200 x 350 x 30 mm, one long edge fine bevelled.
  • Pietra Grey paver in a tumbled + acid washed finish, colour – Grey – Sizes available – Paver, 406 x 406 x 30 mm, Paver, 610 x 406 x 30 mm, Cobblestone, 200 x 50 x 30 mm(loose), Cobblestone, 100 x 100 x 30 mm (loose)
  • North Black Limestone. This is a black paver available in a tumbled finish, it comes in two sizes – 400X400X30 mm and 600X400X30 mm.
  • Lara Cream Limestone Paver comes in a sandblasted + brushed finished and is available in a light cream/Beige colour. Available sizes include – Paver, French Pattern -30 mm, Paver, 610 x 406 x 30 mm, Paver, 406 x 406 x 30 mm, Coping, 610 x 406 x 30 mm (bevelled). These pavers are cut from quality limestone blocks and can be laid over concrete slabs or road base. Stylish and affordable they are cool under foot in summer and being calibrated they are quick and easy to lay. The colour can be kept light by using a penetrating sealer, or, if you are after a darker colour, they can be darkened using a stone enhancer.
  • Mersin Grey Limestone – is a grey paver available in tumbled and sandblasted finishes. While this is a natural stone, the colour of this paver is very consistent and looks great in both traditional and modern homes. Available paver sizes – 610 x 406 x 30 mm and 406 x 406 x 30 mm.
  • Boz Grey Limestone Paver – is a beige/grey colour in a tumbled finish. These pavers are dense and hard and don’t have the natural cavities of travertine, the soft grey colour will work well in all areas and its colour compliments your home decor or landscaping theme. This paver comes in 610 x 406 x 30 mm, Coping, 610 x 406 x 30 (pencil edge).


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