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Is it Ok to Use Aftermarket Parts for Your Volvo Truck?

When you need to replace parts in your Volvo truck, you can choose between genuine, OEM and Aftermarket Parts. So, what is the difference between the three and why should you use aftermarket truck parts for Volvo trucks?


The Difference Between Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Genuine and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are made by the same manufacturer. The difference between the two is that the genuine parts are exactly the same as the ones your Volvo truck originally came with, and bear the Volvo logo and packaging. OEM parts, on the other hand, do not come branded by Volvo.

Basically, the two are of the same quality, and the only difference between them is that one is branded and the other is not. And because of that, the OEM parts are cheaper than the genuine parts.

The bigger difference lies in aftermarket parts. These parts are made by manufacturers who have not been contracted directly by Volvo, and so are even cheaper than OEM parts.

This also means that the manufacturers may or may not have followed the quality guidelines laid down by Volvo. Thus, there are some aftermarket parts that may actually be of poor quality.


Should You Use Aftermarket Parts for Your Truck?

Considering the fact that there is no uniformity in quality between aftermarket part manufacturers, the question is should you use them in your precious Volvo at all?

The thing is, just because they are aftermarket parts doesn’t mean that they are automatically inferior to the genuine and OEM parts. In fact, there are some aftermarket parts manufacturers who produce parts that are of even better quality than the Volvo certified ones.

The one time you should definitely opt for aftermarket parts instead of genuine or OEM parts is when you want to make upgrades to your truck. So, if you want to improve your truck’s performance during heavy off-roading, then it is better to use aftermarket parts.

The key thing to keep in mind when buying aftermarket parts is finding that manufacturer who makes the top-quality parts that you want and is trustworthy.


Pros and Cons of Using Aftermarket Trucks Parts for Volvo

Here are some of the pros and cons that will help guide your decision on whether you want to take a chance on aftermarket parts:


  • Aftermarket parts are cheaper than genuine and OEM parts.
  • There are some aftermarket parts that are of much better quality than both genuine and OEM parts. In fact, some manufacturers take the original design a part and improve on it, giving you some really well-constructed and effective parts that improve the performance of your truck.
  • Since the aftermarket parts market is growing exponentially, you are actually spoiled for choice. You not only have some really good options, but you can also try new innovations that enhance your truck’s performance.
  • The availability of aftermarket parts is another plus in its favour. There are many times when genuine and even OEM parts are not readily available, making them expensive to procure.
  • All aftermarket parts come with a warranty.


  • The biggest problem with aftermarket parts is the quality. While there are manufacturers in the industry that are not just providing top quality products but also innovating, there are many who skimp on quality to the point where it would be dangerous to use those parts at all. Ensure that you use an aftermarket parts dealer that is known for its quality and trustworthiness – this cannot be emphasised enough!
  • There is not Volvo branding on aftermarket parts, and for some truck drivers, this is not something they are comfortable with.

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