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The ideal display system for a large indoor conference

The Ideal Display System for A Large Indoor Conference

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a display for a large indoor conference. Do you use a projector? Or do you use a flat panel? What type of resolution should you use? Should you use banners, or roll up banners? What other factors should you take into consideration?

Depending on your industry, trade, business or product you probably spend a lot of time in meetings, at conferences and trade shows and having the right display for your product, service or business when attending a large indoor conference is critical.



What is it you want to advertise? Do you want to use a few banners advertising the same things? Or do you want different banners featuring each product or service individually? At an indoor conference, your audience is sitting down, they are there for the duration of your talk or presentation, so you can get creative with your banner advertising. After all, you have a *captive audience*. You can be creative, or you can stick to your tried and true formula. Banners for an indoor conference can be bigger, and they can contain a larger message, your target audience is sitting there, they have the time to look at and read you banners or exhibition displays.


Your banner should still be easy to read

Just because your audience is sitting still doesn’t mean you should get too creative with your banners. There is a temptation to *cram* more information in, or to make use of fancy fonts, all you are doing is creating a mass of information, that is difficult to read. Remember the bigger the room, the bigger the display, but that doesn’t mean adding lots of text to your banner or display. Less is more. It’s better to create an interest so your audience, your potential clients or customers come to seek you out, to learn more. You want everything easy to read, from the person sitting in the front row, to the person at the back of the room. If you have filled your banner with too much information, those at the back of the room won’t be able to read it and your message is wasted.

If you are unsure put your banners in place first, move around the room, from the front to the back, can YOU see everything clearly. If not, you may need to consider different placements, for example, some pull up banners standing to the side of the room, spaced out, rather than everything placed at the front of the room.



Consider where you are standing, hanging or placing your banners. Try and ensure your displays are well lit. It’s pointless placing banners at the side, or even back of the room, if they are in a dark corner. Consider placing your banners where they can make a maximum impact.


Why go large?

People are more receptive if they can see and hear your message. Large format banners or exhibition stands give you the chance to get your message out there easily. Generally, people are more receptive through both visual and audio stimulation, showing and telling are vital tools. By getting your message out there in a large format it’s the old *Large and loud* Large enough for everyone to see, but loud enough for them to hear.

Visibility is a very important marketing tool, indoor large format banners are great for conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, you can take your advertising with you everywhere you go, so it’s important whatever the size of the indoor conference your banner conveys your message simply and effectively – you want to engage your audience.

When you use a large format banner or exhibition signage at your conference you know you are conveying your message simply and effectively. Using a quality banner is the only way to make a real impact on your audience. No matter the size of your business, or, the size of the event, there is a banner solution available for anyone, that suits your budget, advertising needs and goals, and your timeline.

  • Indoor signage is the perfect solution for any trade show, conference or event
  • Roll up banners are great for conferences, they allow you to get your message out there and make an impact in a short space of time, you can scatter your banners or use them to make a wall or backdrop behind you.



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