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How To Construct A Concrete Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. If the pool is of poor quality, it will diminish the value of your home. Not to mention the losses you’ll incur in getting the job redone. 

That’s why you need to know the entire construction process to check in on progress every step of the way. You’ll also want to know how long it will take, the costs involved and what you can expect. So, here is a guide to the pool construction process

Step 1: Site development

The first step to building your pool is to excavate and prepare the site for construction. The excavation process will involve digging, unearthing, tunnelling, and clearing the place where the pool will go.

Step 2: Temporary fencing

A removable barrier fence is erected around your pool to protect the pool’s integrity and ensure maximum safety. At this stage, the fence is a temporary feature.

It’s meant to prevent the potential catastrophe of people or pets falling into the pool while it’s under construction. 

Step 3: Setting the pool’s structure

The structure setting stage is when the shape of the pool is set. The main features that you want to see in your final design, like the style of the stairs, will now take shape. 

To ensure the pool’s strength, the steel reinforcements are put in place and fixed into position so they don’t move. 

Step 4: Fixing the plumbing

The water in the pool should flow and drain well to avoid clogging of poor drainage issues. That’s why at this point, the pool construction team should ensure that the plumbing and drainage pipes are connected.

It is also essential to check for leaks through hydrostatic pressure testing. 

Step 5: Concrete setting

The next stage of the process involves preparing the concrete. Once the concrete is prepared, it’s poured into the inside of the pool and left to set.

The driveways and other concrete features are also designed at this stage. 

Step 6: Interior finishings

Once the concrete is set and the pool begins to look like a pool, it’s time for the finishing touches. The interior is smoothened and decorated to your liking. 

Whether you choose a simple paint job, tiles, or marble finishings, it should be done to a high standard. 

Step 7: Quality control

The quality control stage one of the most crucial stages in this process. Everything has to be checked and double-checked to ensure that there are:

  • No leakages
  • No problems with drainage 
  • The surface is smooth enough

It’s also important to ensure that permanent safety fencing is erected around the pool. The inspection and fencing will ensure that your pool is aesthetically pleasing and meets quality standards for safety.

Step 8: Filling up the pool

When everything is up to expected standards, it’s now time to fill the pool with water and put in the right chemicals. The water must be tested for safety to prevent harm to pool users.

Finally, when all is said and done, your pool will be ready for use. Follow these guidelines to check up on every stage of the construction process. Also, engage only the best in pool construction to make sure you get the job done to perfection. 

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