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Gift ideas for chocolate lovers

Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

Almost everyone likes chocolate, but there are some among us whose love for chocolate reaches epic levels. Ironically, true chocolate lovers can be difficult to shop for, because they know the difference between garden-variety cacao beans and true Belgian decadence.

If you happen to know someone like that, it’s likely they won’t be impressed by a store-bought bar of Twix or Kit Kat. Fortunately, if you’re close enough to know how particular they are about their sweets, you probably know the brand they prefer. So when it’s time to get something for their birthday, Valentine’s, or just because, you know where to start.

Regular chocolate eaters are easier to please, though it still helps to put in a little more effort than buying a regular supermarket best chocolate basket. If you happen to be a frequent flier (or if you know one) then you can still impress a chocoholic.

Airport duty-free stores usually have wholesale packs of assorted fun-size chocolate. You could easily get a bag with 100 pieces of cute little chocolate bars. While the brands in the pack may be nothing special, the adorable packaging (and the volume) will leave a smile on their faces and a tingle on their tongues for days.

If you feel particularly ambitious, you could try cooking some sweets for your sweet. A quick internet search will offer hundreds of recipes for home-made chocolate. Some chocolate flakes or chips blended with butter, margarine, marshmallows, cream, or castor sugar will hit the right spot, and your loved one will be flattered you went to all the trouble.

For the completely clueless gifter, Belgian and Swiss chocolate is always considered luxurious. Depending on the type of impression you’d like to make, pick a decorative pack rather than an ordinary chocolate bar. Anything in a pretty box or tin is more likely to catch their attention.

Gift ideas chocolate lovers

You might also buy Russian or Ukrainian chocolate. It’s gorgeously packaged, and that intricate writing makes it seem more fancy and exotic. Just make sure you can decipher the expiry date so that you don’t give your darling a tummy upset. A gift of chocolate goes well with some wine or scented candles since both infer romantic intentions.

Even if you’re restricted to buying a basic bar of Cadburys, you can jazz it up with beautiful wrapping. Place it in coloured tissue and pack it inside a nice box, preferably one with an unusual shape. Heart-shaped boxes are even better. Tie it off with gift-wrapping paper in a royal glossy colour, and tie it off with a ribbon.

Of course, you could go the easy way and have all this done for you. If you buy a gift basket, it will come appropriately wrapped and will include a gift card where you can write something sweet. Gift basket providers know the packaging is part of the gift, so they put your gift in wrappings that the recipient will want to keep.

To make a grand statement, you could buy the Ultimate Sweet Tooth gift hamper. It contains over $200 worth of treats that include about 20 different kinds of chocolate, ranging from Zokoko Goddess to fudge and liquorice.

This hamper will appeal to a chocolate lover because it invites them to explore different flavours, variants, and brands. They might even find a new favourite. The hamper allows you to switch biscuits with cookies, depending on what you think they’d like better. It also has assorted chocolate-covered fruit and nuts, and a rich hot chocolate beverage.

When your chocolate lover is toasting a special celebration, you can get them a Cheers hamper, or a Sauvignon Blanc and Sweet treat. These gift baskets include a bottle of wine that can be popped open to mark the big moment.

If you’re not much of a chocolate person, you may not see the difference between dark, light, milk, or white chocolate. As you shop for the chocolate lover in your life, ask them which kind they prefer. Or just grab a ‘cheat-sheet’ mixed gift hamper that has a healthy sampling of all this and more.


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