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Drainage Pump Options For Your Water Tank
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Drainage Pump Options For Your Water Tank

When it comes to water storage, there are two main kinds of pumps. One type of pump redirects water to specific areas of use. These pumps could deliver water to the house, or to irrigation pumps and animal watering troughs. It can also pump water to taps for laundry or farmyard cleaning. This type of drainage pump uses electricity and gravity.


Drainage Pump Options For Your Sydney Water Tank


Since many tanks are mounted on elevated platforms, the water flows down naturally. But once it reaches ground level, it still needs to be drawn to wherever it’s needed. An electric pump uses a motor to generate suction and push the water. Similarly, if your tank is underground, it needs a pump to counteract gravity and draw the water out.

The second type of pump is sometimes referred to as a sump pump or drainage pump. It’s used in basements, sewer systems, and construction sites to extract groundwater or floodwater. In these cases, the water source is not exactly a water tank, but it’s still a kind of collection point. For example, if your basement is prone to flooding, it needs a pump.

Whenever a basement is built beneath the water table, it runs the risk of damp. Water from the surroundings might seep through the walls and end up flooding the basement. This is even more likely during rainy seasons. As a safety measure, you can waterproof your basement and include a drainage pump. The pump pushes out any water that accumulates.

Another situation where a drainage pump may be required is for in-ground tanks. Because they’re below ground level, they’re not inspected as often as above-ground tanks. The tank may spring a leak or overflow, and you wouldn’t notice. A drainage pump that automatically detects overflows and pumps out the water is an essential safety feature.

Both kinds of pumps have cut-offs to prevent accidental electrocution. Some have automatic shut-offs, and drainage pumps can be set to switch on automatically as well. They can be partially or fully submerged, depending on your requirements, and are well insulated to avoid accidents. Let’s look at some popular pump brands.

Zenit Clean Water Drainage Pump

This piece of equipment runs on 240 volts, and can only be used for clean water, so it’s ideal for use in a domestic water tank or rainwater tank. Its specs range from 210 LPM and Max 7 MH to 690 LPM and Max 17MH, with a price range of $600 to $1,000 depending on your preferred model. You can also purchase additional features like alarm panels for your warning system, which will give you dual pump control.

There’s an optional float switch with a 10-metre cable. This pump usually comes in blue, and it has a 2-year warranty that covers basic repair and maintenance. Certain parts of your pump can be replaced, but you’d have to talk to your pump supplier to get the specifics. Zenit offers similar models for dirty water, including the Zenit 240V and the Zenit 65 mm 415V. For faster flow and volume, try the Zenit 80 mm 415V. The latter two come in black.

Davey Clean & Grey Water Drainage Pump

This double-cased pump ranges in voltage from 220V to 415V, with outlets of one or two inches. Some models have floats, so if that’s a feature you’d like, be sure to pick the right model. This pump is submersible and temperature controlled, which means it stays cool to the touch as long as its body is partially above water.

The double case is a safety feature that protects the pump, letting water freely flow in the outer casing without shorting the motor. This extends the lifespan of the pump. It has a floater device which both activates the pump and keeps it from being fully submerged. This drainage pump is built for clean water, so it’s ideal for rainwater tanks.

It works best if the water has not more than 10% tiny organic solids. Any more than that will wear out the pump faster. It can drain sumps, transfer water from the pump to its point of use (e.g. the kitchen sink), resolve flood emergencies, or run home waterfalls and fountains. The pumps can also be used in partially submerged context, such as a pond, aquarium, or infinity pool. Its outlet diameter is less than 10 mm, so it’s best for domestic use.


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