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The Different Types of Pools

When it comes to swimming pools there are many options available. They vary in sizes, shapes and build. Depending on your taste you can get anything from a fibreglass inground pool to an outground concrete pool. If you are clueless about the different types of pools available, here is a simple guide


When looking at the build of a pool there are three main types of swimming pools; concrete, fibreglass and vinyl swimming pools.

  • Concrete pools: It’s the most expensive in terms of installation and maintenance but offers the best performance on durability. It also tops the other options on aesthetics and offers the most versatility in customization. Repairing the pool is easy and although installation takes time its relatively simple.
  • Fibreglass pools: This is the quickest pool to install and among the cheapest to maintain. The pool comes as a prefabricated unit and has a smooth non-porous surface. The drawbacks to owning a fibreglass pool are the limited design options and difficult repair.
  • Vinyl liner pools: They are cheap and offer unlimited design options. Unlike concrete pools, the surface of the pool doesn’t need replastering and it’s smooth. However, vinyl liner pools perform least when it comes to durability


There are several swimming pool design options available for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Infinity pools: Also known as the vanishing pool, the infinity pool creates the illusion that the pool flows over an edge. Water falls over the weir wall of the pool, collects in a hidden trough and it’s recycled back into the pool. The design is dramatic and it’s a great look for homes that overlook great scenery.
  • Perimeter overflow pools: This pool uses optic illusion to create an optical illusion that the pool on a flat surface. Water overflows over all the edges and into a trough. The perimeter overflow pool is like a 360 degree vanishing pool.
  • Kidney shaped pools: When it comes to swimming pool designs that have a versatile application, the kidney-shaped pool is a favourite among architectures and homeowners. The pool blends in seamlessly with many architectural designs and sets the foundation to build more elegant structures
  • Geometric pools: Contemporary architectural designs embrace installations with carefully formulated shapes. Geometrical pools apply mathematics to come up with simple artistic designs that range from rectangle shapes to triangles.
  • Freeform pools: If your space is asymmetrical, the freeform pool is the best choice. It blends in seamlessly with any landscape and offers designers unlimited space to explore creativity.


When it comes to the installation of a pool, there are different ways to do it.

  • Inground pool: it’s the most popular option for homes and recreation centres. The entire pool lies in an excavated hole and remains as a permanent installation. An inground pool requires intense construction and several construction standards are followed to ensure the safety of the pool and the surrounding structures.
  • Semi-inground pool: If you want a pool that stands out but performs exceptionally well, the semi-inground pool offers the best of both worlds. The pool is partially buried in the ground and gives limitless options for finishing.
  • Above ground pool: It’s simple to install, easy to maintain and safe. The above ground pool sits above the ground and offers all the benefits of a pool in a smaller package. It’s cheap, versatile and a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to swimming pools you don’t have to go with the same old plain designs. There are numerous options and limitless possibilities to what you can do. Therefore, be creative.

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