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Your Complete Guide To Roof Inspection

Roof inspection only sounds tiresome because you weren’t taught how to do it right. Unless you know someone, who is a roof plumber you will find it nothing but a hardcore house chore. Roof maintenance is one of the most significant household tasks that many people choose to neglect because they think they’re saving money, time and effort.


Roof Restoration


When in fact you could be doing more damage by not doing anything at all and it is not as daunting as it may seem. A roof inspection only needs a couple of hours throughout the year. Consider setting aside 3 hours ONLY this year to go and inspect your roof three times a year, four months apart. Sounds so easy, right?

If you want to start but have no idea where to begin? that’s where we come in. This quick and easy guide will help you learn about roof inspection.


Look For Signs Of Damage

Look for signs of damaged, cracked or bent shingles on the roof. Look between the shingles, do you find rust? Is there any shingle or granule missing from its place? Does the whole roof structure appear bent down and sagging?


roof restoration


If yes, then you need to call in for roof restoration service right now. You can even team up with a friend and take turns investigating each other’s roofs together throughout the year. An extra pair of eyes may detect more than what you could alone.


Watch Out For Moss, Moisture, And Fungus

It goes for both the interior and exterior of the roof. Dampness or moisture inside the attic, or outside the roof ,shows signs that proper insulation is not taking place.Making a breeding ground for various kinds of nasty pests, due to the moisture.

Moss and algae retain moisture during cold weathers and can freeze, which leads to the breakage of the exterior of the roof. For metal and tin roofs, rust can cause a roof to bend. Apart from looking unattractive from the outside, rust causes several dangerous bacteria to breed that may cause tetanus.



 Roof Inspection



Rain Gutters; The Hidden Evil

The rain gutters store all kinds of dirt, debris, and mud. Apart from inspection, you will need to make arrangements to hire someone to clean your rain gutters. Blocked rain gutters can leak causing rotting of the wood, and damage to the fascia of the house.

Most of the roof damage originates from leaking rain gutters.


Roof Repairs



Trim The Trees

The broken branches from the trees can get stuck inside the rain gutters and block them. That is one of the main reasons why rain gutters overflow after a big storm. The fallen leaves disrupt the water pathway and lead to overloading the rain gutters. Make sure you or your gardeners trim any swaying branches of nearby trees after every few months.


Check The Insulation Levels

Your attic must be insulated to avoid any moisture buildup during damp, humid weather. The attic shows clear signs of damage if your roof needs a repair.

Many contractors believe that attic is one of the first places to inspect before buying a house as it speaks volumes about the condition of the roof. Properly insulated attic can significantly cut down the heating and cooling expenses.

Instead of piling up loads of tasks, make a habit of tackling each roofing problem as soon as it arises. You will not only save roof replacement cost but also save your time, efforts and energy.


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