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Most Common DIY Hair Extension Mistakes

Hair extensions offer an easy, convenient and gorgeous option for people looking to dramatically update their look.

Offering wearers the option to have extensions professionally installed for longevity, or the flexibility of a self-clipping system, extensions are a beautiful and superb wardrobe addition.

While extensions are a simple style option, everyday wearers make terrible mistakes that damage their expensive and gorgeous hair accessories – mistakes that are often caused by avoidable DIY activities.

So what are the top seven DIY mistakes people do with extensions?


most common DIY hair extension Mistake


Trimming your extensions

Put down the kitchen scissors and leave trimming to the professionals! Only an expert hairdresser knows how to trim your extensions to blend with your natural hair. DIY trimmers usually risk over-compensating and butchering the extensions to an unusable length or tearing the ends to compromise the integrity of the piece.


Home-colouring your extensions

A massive no-no! You should never attempt to home colour your natural or synthetic extensions. When you purchase your natural extensions, your hairdresser will work to colour-match the hair or add an effect to make the new accessory blend with your existing style. Because these extensions are made from hair, the products respond to colour treatment just like natural hair – colour treatments impact the integrity of the hair.

Synthetic hair is manufactured into a specific colour, and with a different chemical makeup, these extensions do not take to hair colour products. If you’re not sure whether you can commit to a specific colour for your extensions, chat to your hairdresser about some alternatives, like a balayage, to add some extra colour and movement.


Clipping extensions too close to the scalp

One of the most common DIY mistakes is in the installing of the extensions. Installing the extension too close to the scalp makes them prone to slipping out, can damage your natural hair, and make them harder to camouflage among the existing hair. Extensions are best attached at about an inch from the scalp, with your natural hair teased mildly to add volume and ease blending. Your hairdresser will be able to show you how.


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Not camouflaging your extensions

Extensions are a wonderful style option, but making sure your new style looks great needs more than just a simple clip-and-go.  Choosing not to use expert placement or taking the time to install the pieces means that your gorgeous extensions will look ratty, obvious and prone to falling out.


Purchasing hair online that you can source locally

Nothing’s better than being able to see and feel the final product before purchase. Unfortunately, there are many clients that report being swindled online by dealers that say they source premium human hair, only to deliver substandard products. The only way to ensure the best results is to work with your local hairdressers and hair dealers – professionals who work with the extensions every day to create gorgeous looks for clients year-in-year-out. Don’t let an online discount tempt you into a regrettable decision, source local suppliers through referrals and be guaranteed a great result.


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Removing your taped extensions by yourself  

Taped and Keratin Infusion hair extension removal should only be attempted by the professionals. The adhesive used to secure these extensions is designed to withstand the hardship of regular washing and styling, so removing these products at home without expert help can lead to the breakage, matting and the gumming-up of natural hair.


Professional products, please!

Using cheap hair styling products or homemade concoctions is a sure-fire way to ruin your expensive and glamorous locks. You wouldn’t throw a designer dress into the spin-cycle, and the same goes for hair extensions. Your hairdresser, who uses a whole range of products every day to create stunning styles, will be able to advise on what products work best to protect your hair and ensure a beautiful style day after day, week after week.


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