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Christmas Gift Hampers

Chocolate Hampers That are Great as Christmas Gifts

Hmmmmmm. Chocolate…. Hmm, chocolate in large quantities, wrapped up in a delightful gift basket. As I write this, the saliva wells up in my mouth and slowly drips onto the keyboard as I imagine receiving a gift hamper full of chocolate treats and other sweet goodies that will delight the recipient. While the gourmet chocolate melts in their mouth so will their heart when they think of you and your generosity.

Whether it’s for a dearly beloved or a colleague at work, Christmas gift basket, especially those filled with chocolate, is a delightful way of showing your appreciation and to say thanks for being in your life.

The beauty of a hamper it that it takes the guesswork and the legwork out of buying presents. It’s as easy as jumping onto a website and choosing from the vast range of hampers and then it will be sent directly to the recipient’s door, to open arms. In this post, we take a look at some of the amazing chocolate inspired hampers that make for perfect Christmas presents.

Ultimate Sweet Tooth Hamper

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Hamper is a chocolate lover’s dream. The sweet tooth in the office or family will be over the moon when they see the hamper delivered directly to their door. It contains the best of the best chocolates and sweets that Australia and the world has to offer, from gourmet fudge to Zokoko goddess chocolates. Of course, it would be a crime for me not to mention the mouth-watering cookies and toasted macadamias. This hamper has more than enough goodies to feed a family on a night in watching movies. That’s of course if you can bare to share.

Chocolates and Red

Two of my favourite things in the world. Red wine and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. But the order is not as much fun as chaos so why not have both at the same time? The Chocolate and Red hamper has a bottle of D’Arenberg Shiraz, one of Australia’s finest producers of wine and to complement your shiraz, how about some fudge or some Zokoko chocolate.Of course, I cannot forget the delectable rocky road from the good people at Whisk and Pin.

Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate Bliss

The name says it all and it’s a good description of how you feel as the creamy rich chocolate melts in your mouth reminding you that it’s a great day to be alive. Chocolate is great motivation to get up in the morning when the doorbell rings and the Chocolate Bliss hamper is delivered. The lucky person will be dancing their way back to living room to open the gift basket and take inventory of the booty. It contains everything chocolate and much more, such as caramel melting moments and gourmet fudge fit for the royal palette.

Death by Chocolate

Yes, please! If I had to choose my way to leave this planet, death by chocolate would be up there at the top of the list of ways to go. It’s a far better option than being eaten by a shark and a far tastier one at that. Luckily, this gift hamper will not kill you. Even if you were to consume the entire contents in one session, odds are that you will be still kicking on afterward. To keep on the theme of chocolate, this hamper is jam-packed with everything chocolate from chocolate bars, to cookies to fudge and rocky road. A word of warning though, try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. It won’t kill you, but you will be out of chocolate and fiending for more. Chocolate gift hampers make great gifts for friends and family or treat yourself because after a long year of up and downs, forks in the road and the rollercoaster ride that is life, you deserve it.

Luxury Chocolate Hamper

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, here comes prepared a hamper that will stimulate even the most complex palette. The Luxury Chocolate hamper contains the finest chocolates from premium producers throughout the world and each item has been specifically handpicked to satisfy the gourmet guru or foodie. It contains some of the finest chocolates and not to mention thevariety of flavours of macarons. It’s great for bringing out after a dinner party as you sit back and enjoy a nice shiraz and delectable chocolate.

Sometimes Christmas can be a little overwhelming as your schedule fills up with shopping and planning, so why not make life a little easier and give the gift of a chocolate gift hamper? It’s as easy as ordering from the website and you can forget about busy shopping centres. The diversity of hampers ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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