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Basketball Training

Basketball Training Tips

Australians love playing basketball, and people of all skill levels and age participate in this exciting sport. Besides being a thrilling competitive sport, basketball can also help in burning calories, building muscle and endurance as well as improving coordination, balance, and concentration.

If you’re considering signing up for basketball training, then these tips listed below should help you out.

Get Some Protective Equipment

Starting basketball training is easy as this sport doesn’t require too much equipment. However, there is some necessary protective equipment you should have, including:

  • Custom-fitting mouth guard
  • Comfortable shoes that are specially made for playing basketball
  • People with ankle injuries should consider getting an ankle brace

Once you have this simple setup, you can safely start your training.

Safety Tips as You Start Basketball Training

Warming up is critical before any basketball session as it minimizes your vulnerability to injuries while also increasing your performance capacity. The warm-up exercises should significantly raise your heartbeat to guarantee that your body to play.

The fast-paced and physically challenging aspect of basketball also means that you must get in good shape to improve your stamina and response time. Here, you can run, lift weights, and even use certain routines like yoga to improve your overall agility along with other fitness programs.

Start slow with your basketball training and then increase the duration and intensity with time to help minimize injury risk. Ideally, you should know your current physical abilities and use drills suitable for that fitness level.

Practice Basketball Skills Regularly

During your basketball training, you will learn the right techniques for shooting, dribbling, jumping, passing, and landing, among other fundamentals. Your job is to ensure you practice and keep working on those skills regularly to improve.

For example, with sufficient practice, you can learn how to do quick dribbles with both your strong and weak hands while keeping your head upright. That will give you more flexibility as you attack the rim, which will ultimately improve your overall game.

Likewise, you will need plenty of shots at the court in different positions to develop your shooting confidence. Always use the proper form during practice to ensure you retain the right fundamentals, like the follow through when shooting.

Perfect the Fundamental Moves

The basketball fundamentals are used in every play, whether defensive or offensive, during a game. Learning, practising, and mastering these basic moves makes basketball training a lot easier.

Learn the proper fundamentals and technique for performing the following key moves:

  • Regular shooting and foul shooting
  • Layups
  • Ball handling and dribbling skills
  • Defence and rebounding
  • Post Moves
  • Passing
  • Jump stops

Situational Awareness

Every player will be taught about situational awareness during basketball training. You have to know the best time to pass, shoot, or drive for a layup. You’ll gradually develop your situational awareness skills as you train and learn how both your team and opponents move inside the game.

Besides situational awareness, you will also gain an understanding of your skills. As you continue developing your game, you will start learning what you are great at in the court. For example, you will learn which shots you’re probably good at making to decide whether to pass or shoot.


The best way to keep continually improving in your game is by getting the right basketball training and then practising what you learned. Solo training will improve your shooting, dribbling, and ball handling. Meanwhile, team practice can improve passing skills while allowing you to test your skills.

Also, you must maintain a high cardio endurance to play basketball effectively. So, set time for workout programs to improve your endurance, strength, and agility. Consider joining your local youth club to enjoy the great benefits that comes with basketball and make friends at the same time.

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