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Banner Inspirations for Summer

Banner Inspirations for Summer

Pull up banners are a large format light display stand, they are most commonly used as a marketing display tool, they are also called roll up banners, pull up banners, pop-up displays, and penguin stands. These banners are often printed at 300dpi, so the print quality is referred to as high resolution.

Pull up banners are supplied in a nylon carry bag to help protect the unit while in transit and to make carrying easier. Alternatively, you can buy a stackable hard case that has wheels to make getting from the car to the event a breeze.


What are the benefits of using roll up banners?

  • Impact – Banners command a presence in any room, they are great for promotional photos, or as backdrops on stages, they are extremely versatile
  • Cost effective – banners are a good value marketing tool and can be used by a range of different business and industries; they can be used as photo props, welcome banners, staging backgrounds and at various events and exhibitions.
  • Easy to use – from unpacking to assembly takes less than 30 seconds, just as easy to take down and they can be used by just one person.
  • Durable – pop up banners are made to last, with a very sturdy base, that protects the graphic when it’s not in use
  • Easy to store – the banner itself is stored in the base, making it very compact.


Designing your banner

Designing a roll up banner should never be difficult. Even if you are not a graphic designer if you can sketch out a rough design your banner supplier will be able to bring your ideas to life.

Follow the *three-second rule* – all the key elements on your banner should be visible and be read and understood in 3 seconds or less. If you cannot read and understand the information on your banner in 3 seconds or less – you have too much information on it.

  • Identify your target – are you launching a new product? Or do you just want a banner that is generic and only announcing your brand? Have a clear objective – what do you want to do? This will give you a much better-finished product. When designing your banner – remember less is more. Have your logo, core message, contact details and any relevant imagery – these are the keys to a great banner design.
  • Use high-resolution imagery – investing in high-quality stock imagery or high-quality photography will make all the difference to how your banner looks. Make sure you choose 300dpi and that the colours have been converted to CMYK as opposed to RGB.
  • Information – roller banners are just *sign posts* and not your entire proposal, keep your banners concise and present all the right information so potential customers can contact you if they need to.

As we head into summer now is the time to consider upgrading or changing your designs to match the season. People – your potential new clients and customers are out and about, you have to make every minute count.  There are so many outdoor events happening, fates, fairs, markets, not to mention trade shows, expos and conferences, if you want to get your name out there, now is the time. Perhaps your advertising is new, or you just want to *freshen things up* a little bit, now is the time to take your cue from the weather.

Consider sky blue backgrounds, add some green along the bottom, yellows and orange representing the sun. Keep your colours bright – but not too bold. Remember if you are using your banners outside, you want them easy to read, you don’t want them blending into the surrounding, or being too colourful that reading from a distance is difficult. Consider using circles or semi-circles in the background, yellow and orange to brighten your message and evoke feelings of the season, of warmth, add some greens and blue and bold but soft geometric shapes orange at the top, white in the middle and a soft blue and green bottom, a subtle take on the great outdoors.

Why not mix it up a bit, a blue-green *sky* with white and an orange or yellow *ground*. The look for summer is warm, greens, golds, pale blues, white, soft yellows and orange. Talk to your banner designer today about what will work for you this coming summer – get out there and get seen!


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