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Do Balustrades Work Around Pools?
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Do Balustrades Work Around Pools?

What are your key deciding factors when you’re looking for fencing options for your pool? Privacy might be one. You want to swim or sunbathe without worrying that someone uninvited is checking you out. This doesn’t seem to bother too many pool owners though because the positioning of Australian pools is selected with discretion in mind.

Most pools are installed in the backyard, so there isn’t a clear line of sight to the street. Plus, if you prefer to be a little more risqué as you enjoy the sun, you can probably move you sunning spot to a more discrete section of your patio, or make the most of your indoor-outdoor space. A more key factor seems to be visibility.

Why? Because singles generally live in apartments and use communal pools. The kind of person with a backyard pool is more likely to be a family man with young kids and some dogs running around the yard. This kind of home needs to see the pool at all times so that they can keep an eye on their energetic accident prone youngsters.

Another factor might be saltwater damage. Living near the ocean means salt particles get blown around and end up on every exposed surface. And since statistics suggest that nearly 90% of Aussies live near some large salt-water body – and that includes salt-water lakes – then it’s a good idea to minimise the spaces where stray salt sediments can settle.

Ideally, a balustrade should also be easy to maintain. You already spend time cleaning your pool every day, so you don’t want to spend too many extra hours maintaining the poolside fence. Also, you want a fence that is sturdy and stable. It should withstand the leanings, jumping, and splashing of kids and rowdy teens.

Another factor you might not consider is landscape. Some yards have uneven topography, so if you have a fence that can still be secure on a slope, then it gets major points. As it turns out, all these factors point to stainless steel balustrades as the best option for pools. Their main competitor is glass, and while it does have advantages, its negatives points are more.

Balustrade Design

Glass balustrades offer a clear, unobstructed view that lets you look at your kids as well as the surrounding regions. This is non-negotiable if you live by the ocean and want a clear view of that massive blue. Here’s the thing though. That massive blue comes with a lot of salt and sand, and neither of them works well with glass.

While seaside sediments can easily be wiped off a glass fence, that glass offers a lot more surface area for the stains to stick to. You’d probably have to clean the glass several times a day to get rid of all those seaside deposits. Conversely, steel balusters offer a narrower surface for the sand and surf to stick to, so it needs a lot less cleaning.

Another problematic stain is the ubiquitous toddler fingerprint. Adults leave their finger patterns too when they lean against the pool fence. Fingerprints are far less visible and a lot less annoying on steel railings than they are on glass panels.

Plus, glass panels get in the way of enjoying a soothing sea breeze. They offer unnecessary wind resistance, whereas steel fences let the air flow freely around your home and pool, cooling you down when the seaside heat gets a little too oppressive.

You might argue that metal railing will block your view, placing obtrusive shadows in the path of your perfect landscape. Well, that’s not necessarily true. There are designs for steel wire balustrades that are so narrow you’ll barely notice them.

They won’t interfere with your panoramic scenery in the slightest. And since the wire is so narrow, it barely stains, making it even easier to maintain. Even if you choose wide tubular steel railings, they’re still easier to clean and less susceptible to dirt than glass fencing is. The best thing about steel pool fencing is that you can lay it on a slope.

Curved and raked steel balusters are specially designed to follow the lay of the land. They adjust themselves to valleys and hills, ensuring that the gap between the fence and the ground maintains a safe, regulated minimum distance. And this is all without additional cost or wooden fillers. For all these reasons, stainless steel is a great option for your pool.

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