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10 Reasons Why Australians Demand Fresh Produce for Their Meals

We Aussies deserve the best. And what’s the best when it comes to our meals? Fresh produce! Here are 10 reasons why we as Aussies demand and deserve fresh produce.


Fresh produce tastes better

Have you ever compared the taste of two items, one fresh, and one frozen? Like a freshly made pizza compared to a frozen pizza? It is easy to tell the difference between fresh and frozen because fresh always tastes better. A packet of frozen blueberries to a fresh punnet? No contest.


Fresh produce is more nutritious

Fresh produce, for the most case, is also more nutritious than frozen produce. We are caring more about our bodies than ever before, concerned about things like a gluten free diet, GMOs and pesticides, and the incidence of allergies is rising. We want our food to be more nutritious, which is why we like to choose fresh produce.


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We know frozen ingredients cost less

We buy frozen instead of fresh food at home a lot of the time because it is cheaper. This means that if we go out for a meal and we know that they are using frozen ingredients instead of fresh produce, there’s a good chance that the reason behind it is that the restaurant is trying to cut costs. We all hate getting ripped off, and finding out a place uses frozen produce can definitely feel like that.


We prefer to pay more for a good product

These days, we vote with our wallets. The reason that large fast food chains have seen a decline in sales is because now instead of buying a burger from a big chain that tastes kind of bland, we can now get a super gourmet burger down the street, that’s twice the price, but three times as delicious. We would rather pay more for a quality product because we know it’s better.


Our palates are more mature than they used to be

Many years ago, there wasn’t a lot of choices when it came to eating out. There were fewer restaurants and less different tastes around. We now have such a range on offer that we have become much more discerning about what we are putting in our mouths. We know what tastes good, and it is fresh, quality produce, made with love, from a well researched and tested menu.


There is a greater range of food available to choose from

Similar to number 5, we now have so much on offer when it comes to choosing food that we can afford to be picky. That means that we no longer have to choose from the frozen pizza shop or the frozen fish and chip shop. While there’s still those options out there, we can now choose the gourmet pizza shop or the gourmet fish and chip shop too, where we know (and can taste) that they always use fresh produce.


We like supporting the underdog

What happens when there’s a grand final and your team aren’t playing? Well, you’re probably supporting the underdog. As Aussies, we love supporting the underdog, or the little Aussie battler. Which is also why we prefer to support local, homegrown produce, rather than frozen stuff, shipped in by giant companies. We hate how much they overrun the small players, and like to support the small players where we can.


We don’t know how long frozen food has been frozen

There’s always that concern that the frozen dim sim you just ordered has been sitting at the bottom of a freezer for the past two years, looking lonely until you came along to eat him. Food isn’t supposed to be around for that long, even if it’s “still good”. Choosing fresh produce over frozen means that you know that it’s freshly made.


We see frozen produce as being lazy

When we cook frozen food at home, it’s usually because we can’t be bothered whipping up something fresh, we want something quick and easy – we’re being lazy. When other restaurants or cafes do the same thing we know it’s because either they’re cheapskates, or they’re too lazy to make their food fresh.


We can do frozen at home

If we’re eating out we want fresh produce! If we wanted frozen food, we could pick up a frozen pizza at the supermarket and cook it at home. When eating out, fresh is king.


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